torsdag 8 oktober 2009

sweet honey

Jag frågade Edwin på Vista Hermosa om han kunde berätta lite om honey-projektet som han drev igenom under årets skörd. Och det kunde han.


It's pretty simple. The most important thing is we started with ripe cherry's picked. With natural process it is easy to pick green and over ripe and once it dries naturally you can't tell the difference among any of them, but obviously you see has a huge impact in the cup. This is why naturals generally are SOOO wild and unpredictable and inconsistent from bag to bag and lot to lot.

Then we washed the fruit as if we were going to depulp, then we had a secondary density sorting removing all coffees that float and debris that float or sink. Coffee that floats is over ripe and sometimes only one bean in a cherry and it is NOT a peaberry. These are fine, but they end up getting sorted with over ripes that are like shrivled up rasins.

The green's if picked are hand sorted out, then all is washed again and we depulped as we would for washed, but we let it ferment for about 4 hours in the afternoon and over night. Not much happens at night as the temperature drops a few degrees such that no progress is made on fermentation, but it does become more homogeneous. Then first thing in the morning it is only about 15 hours later we let it through the canals and give it a brief rinse as opposed to a thorough wash and they go to patios to be dried to the same content as our washed, however due to the large percentage of pulp that is there it requires more turning so portions of it don't over ferment.

From there on treatment is just like washed!


Så är det.

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