lördag 18 september 2010

Myter avlivas

Tall-Drink Espressos: Best Blends for Big Milk
One old-time coffee generalization certainly got shot down by this month’s reviews: the notion that the way to get pronounced espresso flavor in large (i.e. caffè latte-sized) volumes of hot milk is to roast the hell out of the coffees. This is the theory that for years gave us American espresso blends that, when taken as a straight shot, tore the skin off our throats. But so far as I and co-taster Andy Newbom of Barefoot Coffee could tell based on this month’s blind tasting of thirty-one North American espressos, darker roasting does not help at all in producing more presence in milk.

(Visit CoffeeReview.com to read the complete September article and reviews).
Ken DavidsAs in the Straight Shot so in Milk
Blends that impressed us as straight shots impressed us in milk as well, and often impressed us with an only mildly modified suite of aromatic sensations. True, the sugars and fats in the milk often modified or muted the main sensory themes, but the continuity remained clear.

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