söndag 19 september 2010

Tvåa i Nordic Roaster

Inte illa, bra jobbat Per o Christian!!


In first place: Coffee #4, Tim Wendelboe

Mr. Tim Wendelboe!!!!! with 41 votes. This coffee was roasted by Tim and also Chris Tok. Cup characteristics include suble sweet somplexity and a smooth, plumy finish.

In second place: Coffee #7, Da Matteo

Da Matteo won second place with 24 votes, afforded due to the coffee's floral, tea-like and sweet, subtle fruit notes. Cupper Oliver Brown of Mercanta noted a satsuma with blueberry coming through.

In third place: Coffee # 8, Solberg & Hansen

Solberg & Hansen steps up to the bar with a score of 21 votes! Sock it to 'em! This coffee was awarded for its bright, stewed plum flavor, and was noted for being bold in the mouth.

In fourth place: Coffee #6, Gourmet Coffee (13 votes)

In fifth place: Coffee #9, Has Bean

In sixth place: Coffee #2, Viva Cafe

In 7th as a tie: Coffee #4, Loftsberg Lila & Copa Con Oro

In 9th place: Coffee #10, Copenhagen Coffee Roaster